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Marcello Lonzi found dead on 11 July 2003 in the prison of Le Sughere in Livorno.

8 broken ribs, 2 broken teeth, 2 holes in his head, broken jaw, fractured sternum and wrist.

Result of the process? Case filed. Lonzi died of HEART!

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Carlo Giuliani ragazzo – YouTube

Carlo Giuliani was killed by italian police in Genova during the G8 in 2001.
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Internazionale per Prospero Gallinari. – YouTube

Internazionale per Prospero Gallinari. – YouTube.


video from the funeral of Prospero Gallinari.
There were many militants of the Red Brigades.
The revolution is a flower that never dies!


7/1/13 A police operation started today in Padova, Italy

7/1/13 A police operation started today in Padova, Italy

7/1/13 A police operation started today in Padova, Italy, against people who participated in the struggle for the European day strike on 14 November. So far we know of four house searches with notification of arrest and obligations of signature in addition to 5 persons denounced.

The accusations are interruption of public service, resistance aggravated against public officers and injuries in competition. The operation was signed by PM Matthew Stuccilli.

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