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7NEWS – Renter finds explosive device in Colorado Springs garage – News Story



7NEWS – Renter finds explosive device in Colorado Springs garage – News Story.

Posted: 01/21/2013 
Last Updated: 3 hours ago

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A couple moving into a rental home this weekend ended up with some visitors they weren’t expecting — the Colorado Springs Regional Explosive Unit.

Joe Connelly and his girlfriend are renting a home on Las Animas Street in Colorado Springs.

As Connelly was moving things around in the garage on Sunday, he found what looked like a homemade explosive device.

Connelly told KRDO-TV it was four to six inch plastic tube with a dark-colored substance inside and a two-inch fuse coming out of it.

Connelly called police. Officers called the explosives unit.

When the bomb squad detonated the device to make sure it was rendered safe, the device exploded.

Police said because the device was in a remote area when it exploded, there were no injuries or property damage.

Despite Sunday’s ordeal, Connelly says he has no plans to move.

“I feel safe here. Absolutely, you know. I just think whatever the previous owners have some explaining to do, or the previous residents rather have some explaining to do,” Connelly said.

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